Strong Coffee and Red Wine

Pleasantly tired and sleepy most of the past day since getting back from the Expo at Zero Space. Weird work there, but I rather miss it. Two middleaged ladies (middleaged the way I am middleaged, I suppose) running the credentials and uniform room on the 2nd storey, both from Colorado, which amazed one of the enormous negresses that came by. One was largebodied with her hair piled on her head, the other was a spindly superannuated counterculturist with multicolored hair scarf and noserings. The negress thought perhaps I was “from Denver” too, and we were part of a little coven. Interesting notion upon seeing a similarity amongst white fokes.

Misunderstanding when I checked in there at 9:15 am. I said I was looking for credentials and gear, meaning mine, but without knowing it I’d been assigned to work that room. So they told me to go away and wait. So when it was time to train me, I was downstairs, picking up bits of work here and there. Thought I was going to be working on bibs and bags. Miki was doing bibs but I was not part of that. So I’d print out “WAVE 1 / 12345” stickers to put on the bags.

Was in the right place upstairs by eleven, handing out t-shirts, jackets and hoodies to STAFFers getting their credentials for Sunday’s half marathon. Peer worker was Nick, an Italian guy who often spends time driving and unloading trucks. He brought lunch from home, a stinky ziti salad. We joked about how I folded the t-shirts because of my time in retail (which consists entirely of Williams-Sonoma).

Renata Slavicname from the Spring Fling on April 14 showed up to work the second shift beginning at 2. Very friendly atmosphere then. In the last half-hour or so before I left, business picked up, from one customer every ten minutes to one or two a minute. But we had it easy. Sounds like they are having a madhouse today.

Up to the Q at Pacific St near Atlantic Avenue by 4:30, after stopping for an 8.6% beer in the beer garden at the Expo. Really excellent stuff, from SixPoint, called Piff. $9 and worth it. Easy ride home. Bright and sunny when I emerged on 55th St. Then red wine from Shirley’s and a Marie Callender’s. Slept on and off for 18 hours between snatches of Godfather II and Andrew Roberts on Churchill.

Mild panic around noon when I rose, made coffee, didn’t know where my credentials and lanyard were. They were in the green eco bag, along with my yellow jacket, hoodie,

Where are my Craft gloves? i have lost them again. Going to pack the work gloves in the inside pockets of the yellow EVENT STAFF jacket. We can’t bring big bags or backpacks, so I’m putting things in pockets and carrying the black Sportsac (decaying insides) as a crossbody thing outside the jacket, with oddments inside. Amphipod as well? Maybe.

Thought I would get up for a run, go to gym, go to mass in the afternoon. No, too bushed. Conserve your energy. Big night/day coming up, probably won’t sleep much. At some sesame chicken and rice from Dainobu where I also picked up some Amino Vital gel, which I intend to sip along my journey. I catch downtown F (?) train at 1am or so, then L at 14th to Bedford Ave. Walk 5 blocks to 12th and Union. Meeting spot for pre-Start.

Put money into Chase checking (OD) and Chase Amazon. Ordered an amino supplement which with credits is only costing $7.

On YouTube, watching a guy named Billy Parisi make sausage. I’d like to make bangers but do not have equipment.