Sick Again and It Serves Me Right

When M was still here we were often sick in the morning. Sometimes vomiting-sick, otherwise just a bit weak and nauseated. We were sick—I was sick—from the cumulative effect of drinking a lot of vodka for days.

Last night I finished off a 1.75 of Sobieski, the first 1.75 that’s been in the house in maybe ten months. I got the 1.75 on Saturday because I discovered a new liquor store on West 55th St (I think) west of Ninth Avenue. They had some good prices. The Sobieski came in a nice red box and had two branded shot glasses. About $24. I made a note of that and stopped off and bought it when I got back from the paint store. (I was matching chips at the Janovic on 52nd and Tenth. Needed two colors, bought just one quart this time, the light green cream for the living room.) And then from Saturday through Monday I drank it all with V8 juice (and sometimes Worcestershire and and pepper and celery). Got three tacos at Chipotle across the street yesterday. Really good, I think they’re better than the bowls. Then I bought No Country for Old Men on Amazon Prime but didn’t watch it. I have another day.

The LED tubes for the kitchen came on Saturday. I decided not to try to put them up then because by that point I had a couple of drinks inside me. On Sunday, almost sober, I climbed the stepladder and put them in. They didn’t work. What’s more, one of them makes a clinking sound, like a dead lightbulb. And when I took the tubes out, they were a little cracked at the ends by the prongs. Plastic. The fluorescent tubes have metallic or ceramic caps. So these tubes have to go back to Home Depot. And I’m beginning to think the fluorescents weren’t worn out at all. It’s the fixture, the wiring, that’s bad. How do I tell? I pick up a cheap fixture and see if they work.

I have to go to Brooklyn around noon to do some flyering, 1-5. We meet at a Coffee Land near Grand Army Plaza. I hope I won’t be feeling awfully sick and weak. Starting in on some coffee just now.

Messages flashing on Teams or Deputy. We’re not to bring any backpacks to the HM this weekend, and should avoid bringing bags to the Expo as well (I’m working Friday, morning and early afternoon). National Weather Service forecasts temps beween 28º and 60º on Friday, 47º to 72º Sunday. Jen saying something about carrying a Lululemon crossbody bag. I had a very nice Lululemon “festival” bag ten years ago, all gone now. It was bright dayglo yellow, got dirty and I couldn’t clean it. Maybe one of Moki’s special bags will work. Otherwise I can carry things in the inside pockets of the Patagonia, and keys and cards as usual around my waist. The thin little thing or that black webbed one from Aeropod, or whatever. (Go to check.) Amphipod. The zipper is stuck. Get pliers and give it a tug. There. Got some WD-40 as well.

Along with the vodka and paint on Saturday I got a package of L’Oreal root touch-up, medium brown, at CVS on Tenth. Going to put that on in an hour (around 9:30), let it sit under a cap for an hour. Then a shower and shampoo after rinsing it out. Dry in the big bathroom, maybe.

No more vodka this week. I haven’t picked up a pen but I wouldn’t be surprised if my handwriting is a mess. It took me so long to figure that out. Urrgh.

Was FB messaging with Grimm the other day. I honestly was inquiring about getting some tina. He says it’s a lot cheaper but not really very good, and made in Mexico.


Postscript, 7pm. Feet hurt like the dickens after trudging around in the red Magic Racer for at least five miles in the Eastern Parkway area of Brooklyn. Nice blonde girl in her early 20s, from Cincinnati and a Cincinnati Reds cap, accompanied me on our flyer expedition. Mainly a slummy part of Brooklyn with an awful lot of nogs, and since it adjoins Crown Heights, there are a lot of ultra-orthodox there as well, and Torah schools. The blocks between avenues along Eastern Parkway seem to be nearly a half-mile long each.

Brooklyn, our flyering area. The pin at left is the coffeeshop where we met.

Actually they’re 1000 ft. Meaning it’s over a mile between Franklin and Kingston, and we walked them both, directly, twice, and another couple of miles within our flyer area of about 30 blocks. And then another couple miles for me from the 7th Ave Q train near Park Pl and Sterling Pl to the tiny Coffeeland coffeeshop where we met at 1pm. Deo gratias, there’s an IRT station right beside it. From 5pm I rode the 5 train to Union Square and then the N to 57th St.

Stopped at Morton Williams for milk and cheap pot pies. I’m thinking of going out to Shirley’s for cheap red plonk if she has any. Then maybe come back and watch that film.