Happy Easter and Day of Remembrance

Easter and Brasillach’s birthday. I wrote up something for CC, with about 1500 words of translation from Notre avant-guerre, don’t know if it’s appeared. Have to do some proofing for the new edition of the Varange. I answered some more questions for Greg re citations for the new Imperium, but he came back asking for actual newspaper article from ChiTrib 1915, which I had and did send him, last night.

Tried calling A.T. in the afternoon, no answer. Maybe out for Easter lunch? Wanted to tell her I’d heard from cousin Helen. Helen’s responding to my letter of two weeks ago. She’s moved from Brussels to Taos. She’s got a daughter in Santa Fe. Invites me to visit. Something I should plan on doing before many months have passed, as H won’t around forever. One of those many relatives we have left, who are not blood relations.

Went to Easter Mass at St. P’s but they were just beginning when I got there at 5:40 and it looked as though it was going on forever. Worse yet, they’d cordoned off the egress to the Lady Chapel, and the rest of the Cathedral was jammed. I made my prayer at the St Jude shine and vamoosed. Said a rosary to myself. Walked up to St. PA’s. And wouldn’t you know it? They were just beginning their Easter Mass which was going to take forever. So I left after a few minutes. Went to the Morton Williams on 9th, bought a half chicken and milk, cranberry sauce, frozen broccoli. To CVS for Pom. To the Chinawoman’s for a half pint of Pinnacle for $5.

Was going to repaint the chipped-away paint in the living room, above the pantry entrance, but it turns out we don’t have that paint. I chipped off the peeling-away paint yesterday. I tried to look up the paint number in old diaries, but couldn’t find it.

Dottie called me yesterday. I don’t remember quite why. I gave her a toaster on Wednesday. It was Moki’s Oster toaster, which he seldom used. I used it a few times during his last weeks, making myself some Waygu steak sandwiches which he rejected. Not eating anything then, around ten days before he died. I spent a good long while cleaning it up and testing it out again. Very crumby and greasy.

I drank a lot of red wine with Dottie Wed afternoon. When I left it was around five, and I was due to meet some nycr folks at a happy hour in a brewery concession in Brooklyn, near the DeKalb Avenue stop. Easy enough to get to from the R train at 8th St, but it was drizzling, and after the wine I did not feel in the mood.

Dottie happy to hear I have some bitsy part-time work. Work of any kind is beyond her ken these days. She wants me to accompany her to Washington Square Park where we can buy fentanyl from the drug dealers she hears abound there. That will be her rescue (suicide) lot. Dottie has a nice new pair of dentures, which she took out to show me, and put back in, while sitting at her desk.

Looking at my nycruns schedule, I see I’ve got 33 hrs for April. Very busy, beginning in a week at Gov’s Island. How the hell you get to Gov’s Island at 5 in the morning is anyone’s guess. I’ll have to ask that during the online meeting tomorrow. 6:30pm. I’m going to guess I need to go to Brooklyn and take a ferry from there.

James Henighan or whatever the building manager’s, name is came to see me at 10:30 am Friday. Hears I need exterminator to seal up pipes for mice. Actually it’s rats. Tomorrow, Monday, we set a date, supposedly. I’m going for a run tomorrow, regardless. I haven’t attempted anything for a week or more.

Register for Sheehan 5k Asbury Park by tomorrow. $40. How does one get there? I have to find hotel, I think. Aug 10th.

Must pay rent, for one paltry month anyway. This week.

Peter B sounds pretty desperate at Vd. The negress judge is tightening the screws.

Now over 4 months since Moki went. What were we doing on October 31, I wonder? Halloween. Did we notice it at all?