Had Good Sleep, Have Lots of Tremors

Took a Trazodone last night, the 2nd, and slept till after 1:30 pm

Spent much of the day moving belongings from tubs to tubs. Moved sofa forward about a foot or so. Lots of rat droppings exposed. Out with the Dirt Devil.

Before that, spent an hour wrapping and delivering the Eldo II spikes, bought for a song by some wog named Hussein in Massachusetts. Walked down to Rock Ctr Station in the blistering cold rain. Needed my slicker and my umbrella and still my hands were cold.

The letter from blahblah & Goldman sits on the Moki desk, unopened. Must open it in the morning and reply, and/or send a check. I cannot pay for more than a month’s rent. In a few weeks, another month’s rent. That’s all.

In some anger I went out in the freezing rain again, bought a pint, and POM and an awful Red Baron frozen pizza (last at Duane Reade). The pizza was filling and not too bad, but not good for me, of course. I can’t run these days. Serious rain, pelting constantly, not a drizzle, SW corner of 57th and 6th a vast puddle you have to walk around.

I signed up for the Sheehan Classic in Perth Amboy (or whatever, Asbury Park) on Monday and have 3-4 months to get into shape. Last night (Tuesday) getting very mad at this Heylo thing that CPTC is using. No reply on the web or email. Works a little better on the mobile app. We’ll see.

Did I mention last night I moved the printer to the Moki desk? That was major. On Friday (Christian tells me by intercom) the real exterminator comes by to seal up the radiators.

In the Teams call on Monday night I learned I only have to be at the Gov Is ferry terminal at 5:45. All’s well after that. I have work with nycr almost every weekend from now through June.

Postscript, morning of the 3rd: I also sorted through a bit of the Moki files. There were the ones left on and beside the sofa, which I’ve looked through before (bball, NYAC, Indianapolis (M’s firing in the local paper in 1979), M’s self-improvement notes over the years, manila envelopes with his tax returns going back to the 1960s (amazing how little he made at the Celtics and the NBA; of course he only needed that for bare living expenses). A lot of these I dumped in the bottom red file drawer. A few I tossed, such as NYAC bball schedules and an NBA catalogue from the 1970s. I went through some of the top red file drawer and looked for papers to toss. There were three that Moki had marked or sealed with a bulldog clip. All from around 2009, relating to consumer debt, which he kept following up on and challenging the debt collectors in court. At least two of the three got dismissed. I ripped these up (our shredder is long gone) and put them in the trash. Also the pages from a looseleaf address book. Moki must have kept that a long time. It’s got Miss Kipper and Anne-Marie Durdon and Rick Mudrinich, Richard Duignan, Brian and Eileen Burns, Young Danny’s family, Liz & Paul Kirby… I looked to see if I was anywhere in there. I wasn’t. I think I did once find my name from the long-ago days in 85-86, Manhattan and Hoboken.

Funny I remember he rented a car for me, from way up in Yorkville, when I had finished the major part of the move. I suppose I had a few things left at 170 Second. More than I could carry in a sack on the PATH, I guess. But what? It was a long brown sedan. Afterwards we gassed it up, returned it up in Yorkville, and had lunch in a gastropub nearby. Named Hanratty’s, I think. Casting my mind back that far, over 38 years, reminds me how close we really were. This would be early January 1986. We saw a lot of each other for the next 2-3 months, than zippo. Once we went to see Brazil (2nd time for me) which he really didn’t care for, and then The Jaunting Car, another Irish pub that I think i had been to with Ted O’Keefe. Later I had an ill-paying temp job at DDB Worldwide, 49th and Madison, and would come and see and/or stay with him. His TV tables and the canneloni from Pasta & Cheese. Elizabeth Knight, and the English professor from NYU (or Columbia) with whom M discussed the Wallace Shawn play that M had bought a copy of but hadn’t seen yet, Aunt Dan and Lemon; and Sherita was over once, first time back since the marshall kicked her out. Down to Florida, and off the cocaine. Michael had the lights turned down so far it was as though we were in near-total darkness with just a circle of dim light that we sat in. He never improved the lighting situation, it just got worse.

Funny too, I can’t remember my address in Hoboken, 1986-1990. 1109 Washington Street? I’m even not sure of my second H address. 928 Hudson?

Now I’m getting emptyheaded notifications on the mobile from Heylo.