Life and Times of Robert Welch

Finally got that review of A Conspiratorial Life done. I will do a review of the Matthew Dallek Birchers as well, for CC. Was thinking it would be good for Chronicles, but it seems it came out in 2022, not 2023 as i thought. Find a new book.

The loose molar is getting loose again, jutting out a little, some occasional pain around the gum. I made some erythro capsules and swallowed them today. Will need more erythro soon. Have dentist next week, finally. What to do about this?

Puzzled recently because I couldn’t find any diaries or pocket calendars for early 2010. Finally I found one this morning Lots of tight spidery writing, from Jan-Mar 2010. But the money shot, the time I was in that boutique hotel near Copley Square, has next to nothing there. Except me drinking vodka the night before. The boutique hotel, I find out, is the Charlesmark on Boylston St. What I remember mostly is bright red stools, bright red accents elsewhere. Did I decide NOT to go to the Al Gordon? Is that the day I dragged the Athlon through Cambridge, went all the way up to Chauncy St and badly sketched 29 Chauncy? I’m sitting in the lounge area, looking at Facebook, and Rob Dinsmoor is telling us that Amy Bishop who shot up her fellow profs in Huntsville was a friend of his from the Hamilton writers group. Most of the spidery writing was about how I was waiting to near from NBC Universal about the Flash job…which never started. And anxiety about races. Was going up to Ithaca, booked it, then canceled when I realized I didn’t have a special place in the Hartshorne Mile. It was a very snowy winter that, Jan and Feb 2010. Then, when I’m at Masters Champs at Reggie, I get an icepick in my lower back. Just when I’m thinking how lucky I’ve been not to have the sciatica… Met Kathy Webster later, when I’m feeling better because I’ve been slowly jogging around outside. We go to Jamaica Plain and have ice cream. K imagines I’m having this back and hip problem from running so much.

I have no mention of Rob here at all, but one vague joke about Amy Bishop. The Roz Chast of biology professors? What does that mean?

Picked up the rat poison from Amazon Go at Rock Ctr. It’s a little snack shop, staffed by obese nogs. There’s a tiny counter, like a paper admission booth, where you get your items. Otherwise it’s 30 Rock people coming in and out for pastries and sandwiches. One girl walked off with a six-pack of Klausthauler. You have to get a nigger to unlock the gate for that.

Bought and ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s today. Nothing else except a few crackers. And coffee and tea. The B&J’s may be because I’m not swilling the vodka. I sort of miss swilling the vodka. I’d like to have Moki right next to me, swilling it with me. And alive and conscious and able to get out of bed. That would be any time before July 2023, I suppose. I fancy making a papier-maché head of Moki for the pillow. Was thinking of armature wire and clay, but that is heavy and beyond my ability.

Tomorrow I have color and cut from Gracie at noon, Timothy John’s. It is an expensive place, can’t go there often. $100 for cut last time. Still about $500 on the Citi Cash card. What do I have in the Citi ck acct? $1700 ck. $70 USAA ck. Pay for hair with Citi Cash. Put money on Citi Cash. Pay dentist next week with Citi Cash.

I see CPTC is raising its stakes, wants $30 per month dues. This is ridiculous. No, I can’t drop out. Too much sunk investment. Spend next 2-3 weeks getting into sufficient shape so you can at least slow-run a few miles without blowing a gasket, then show up to someone’s practice.