I Didn’t Do a Blessed Thing

I didn’t do a blessed thing on Tuesday, which was sunny. Didn’t leave the house. Now it is Wednesday, and you hear the cars driving in the rain outside. Rain for most of the next few days. OK, fine, I’ll just spend a couple hours at TMPL every day. I’m not really in shape for serious running anyhow. A half hour on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the C2, all preceded perhaps by a few minutes on the stationary and a good long 25 minutes on the elliptical, as in the old days…can’t beat that. Followed by some dumbbells and weight machines on odd days. Stretch.**

What I did do was wash some dishes and drink the rest of Monday’s smoothie, which was easily 16 ounces. Didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day, but woke late at night and cooked salmon (delicious) which I ate with some baby spinach and a new batch of the cilantro lime dressing from the Power Foods cookbook. Email to Zagria. Revised Hoff comment. She asked if I had an info on Lyn Raskin and someone else. I had in fact looked up LR in the past, but her end is ambiguous.

After eating the salmon a little while ago I picked up the big quadrille diary Michael kept in 1987-88 in France, which has been sitting at the foot of the bed since maybe December, when I was sorting through his personal files and tossing out trash. Tension with Anne-Marie because he’s not doing anything with his life. He was feeling like a real loser when he left. A-M’s caviling against him were similar to mine in roughly the same period. Someday I must type up that diary and any other diary-like thing Moki left behind. Very touching.

A big time-waster at the start of the day (Tuesday) was compiling a dossier on one Abram Henry Rosenfeld, the lead attorney in some of the Nuremberg-style cases in Germany, 1946-48. He was nearly impossible to track down in newspapers and Ancestry items, because he’s given a variety of names. Sometimes called Albert, sometimes Abraham, sometimes A.H. Rosenfeld. Married a Mary O’Neill from Philadelphia, at Fort Bragg in 1942. A nasty piece of work as a prosecutor, wanted all the Malmédy SS men executed. Other Americans were alarmed at his vindictiveness (quite a few Jews in that party, in addition to him) so Yockey was hardly alone. And eventually the Malmédy thing led to a Senate investigation with Joe McCarthy, in the days just antecedent to McCarthyism. Why did the Jews pile onto McCarthy so? It wasn’t the anti-communism. It was his defense of the SS men.

I compiled this dossier because R was one of three Jews mentioned in the Bolton book on Yockey and Greg asked if I could find out background details. I tracked down the other two easily enough but R was elusive. As per usual, I had to go around and around, chasing false leads, till I found that the R from Mt. Holly, NJ fit right into the rest of the jigsaw puzzle. I even got his death certificate from Alexandria VA and his marriage certificate from NC.

Coming up on the groaning board: Must do the Colin Wilson book (The Angry Years), comparing it in passing to Allsop’s The Angry Decade and also to Colin’s Lost in Soho (or something like that)*. Also a quickie on Tom Wolfe’s The Painted Word. (My library pback copy got soaked in my gym bag on Sunday during the rainy Gov Is venture; I’ve dried it out by sticking it on the liv rm windowsill above the radiator, betwixt two stout doorstops of books.) And 150 years of The Truth Seeker, with special attention to the Smith and Johnson years, and Robert John’s little book. I think RJ’s book should get a little review for itself, since it’s quite an easy read, short, and out of print. I can simply paraphrase and summarize most of it…while noting how he steps around hot-button issues the TS people wouldn’t care to endorse.

*Adrift in Soho. I couldn’t have remembered. And it’s a novel.

**No vodka, not even wine the past two days. I felt horrendously flabby yesterday. Ashamed to go out and try to run, really. This must be the result of six helpings of my vegan chili with a whole bag of the flour tortilla chips bought at WF on Monday.