Dream of abandonment, late morning

Happy to discover that it is only Sunday, not Monday. I thought time had gotten away from me and there was no way I could crank out an Orwell article for the 25th. I was up at 4 and 5 in the morning, fooling around with earphones and the battery pack for the iPhone. I think I fucked up that battery pack. The Lightning connector doesn’t seem to work. I may need to buy another. Also fucked up the old earphones that came with the Census iPhone 8, and which I’ve been using for nearly three years.

Slept fitfully with half a Trazodone. At ten or eleven a.m. I was sleeping and listening to the Michael Korda book (Alone, a very good, detailed description of the Battle of France, up to and just past Dunquerque), when I had a vivid and desperate dream. I belonged to a little publishing commune where I gradually had my toys taken away from me. Recording equipment, my hair-dryer brush, even the newspapers, which were cut off when most of the group went to New Orleans for a conference. I had an enemy in the bunch, a Matt Potter type. (SDR on my mind because I’d been discussing SDR days with Lawrence Osborne, openly on Facebook, giving info on Adam, Mary L., Abe, and others.) The group comes back, and the head is something like Greg J. Some mystery-meat slattern with bare breasts and a wrinkly tan is lying on a divan or floor cushions, and pooh-poohing my anxiety. Oh you don’t really need those things, you can manage on your own, right?

I don’t know what any of that meant, but I got up at a quarter to noon and imagined the phone was ringing, or the intercom, or the door was buzzing. I thought it was Monday. Out in the living room the past week came back to me. To the Mac repair guy and the Jap Bookoff store on Monday; Prospect Park for that long Tuesday with nruns, back to Mac guy on Wednesday and negotiating with Thierry for the two tartan Mayfly pairs, and finally discovering the loud squeal coming not from the street but from the radiator; to P.O. and not much else on Thursday; lying abed most of Friday and Saturday, I believe, wasting time on Twixer and FB.

Made spaghetti bolognese against last night, the good recipe from the Jap lady in Australia. I used shallots rather than regular onions, a beef/pork/veal pack for the meat, and lots of red wine. Really delicious. I stuffed myself last night and today.

Orwell and the Angries, and Colin Wilson this week.


P.S. 4pm. The battery-pack charger seems to be working now, have tested it on both iPhones. Also the old Census earphones are working. I’m going to look into other battery packs anyway. Also, Verizon is letting you trade in an iPhone for an iPhone 15.