Decent post-running euphoria. Two fried Mac Airs.

I still cannot easily JOG more than about 200m without stopping, walking, slowing down drastically. But the overall fitness improves gradually. Today was hot and moderately humid yet I enjoyed it. Jog/walk/run to the reservoir up the Bridle Path and back. With other walkings (to Midtown and post-run to Whole Foods) I logged about 8 miles today. Early afternoon I took the soft rolling Sureté knapsack suitcase to the Jap book/CD shop on W 45th. I got just over $25 for about 45 CDs, and a handful of rejects. That’s a record. While waiting for that I went to the guy at 501 Fifth, 6th floor, who repairs Macs. I fried both my old MacAirs last week, trying to use an outboard LaCie CD player I found in Moki’s lower desk drawer. After frying the first one, you’d think I’d be wary. But no, because I sensed both were failing. Then I killed an hour at the B&N on Fifth at 46th. Took a while to get in because the block was cordoned off there. Somebody was throwing debris off the top of the building, the building next to the Fred French building, or else someone was threatening to jump. Tape and cop cars all around. Finally I crossed the street to the B&N side and it was air-conditioned, pleasant, nostalgic. Most B&Ns have disappeared, but this is the one I used to visit 2 or 3 times a week during the AmexPub days. They still have books stacked on tables, still have gift books and CDs and DVDs upstairs. Then back to the Jap shop where I got my $25 after a long wait while they got their cash registers organized. Walked back home, killed an hour, ran in the Park. Whole Foods: corn, butter, radishes, arugula, a big frozen bag of shrimp grits which I couldn’t resist, so I bought it instead of a couple of other things. Remembers in the queue I wanted some Resin beer, and having forgot to get the 20oz ones from the fridge, I got a six-pack of 12oz’s from the wall next to the express queue. Rather heavy bag to carry back, you may imagine. The little foreigner at the Mac repair place tells me in text he can repair my 13″ Air and recover the data for $279 + $189 for the logic board replacement. The CPU is dead apparently. I say no, I can buy another of the same model for a lot less than that. He’ll recover the data for $270 cash, flat. Okay, fine. I gave him a drive of Moki’s to put the data on. Will have to pick it up Wednesday since tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th, I have to work 2pm-10pm for nruns. Nice hot day in Prospect Park. I am looking forward to it.

I bid on another A1369 Mac Air for about $50 on eBay.

I bought Erythromycin at Petsmart (near Flatiron) last Wednesday, also a Y cable (3.5mm to RCA plugs) at Best Buy, then got home and found I’d shat in my running shorts. I often leak but this was major. Pieces of feces left in the sink when rinsing it out a day later. More Erythromycin ordered and drop-dashed a couple of days ago. I’m putting it into capsules and swallowing it every day almost, to keep the infected tooth (#3) down. I went to Coliseum on the 5th, and while the dentist girl was pleasant, they couldn’t do a fucking thing for me. This was occasioned because I’d lost a big black inlay filling on the previous day. She wrote me a script for Amoxicillin. That’s weak. Hence Erythromycin. I’m looking for a serious dentist. There’s an appointment at NYU in mid-July. Also looking at Peter Farrington at CPS. And something called Tend. Tend says I’m out-of-network though my AARP Dental is supposedly Delta Dental PPO.

Hooked up the new Lepai mini amp last Tuesday, but it took a while to find a proper 12V 3- or 5-amp AC/DC converter. Not at Home Depot or Lexington Hardware. I get home and there is one, so far overlooked, on the Malayan rubberwood table (almost entirely covered with spaghetti cables). And then there are others, running the big outboard G drives for Moki and Tom Ashley. I hook up those orphan Sony speakers that were on Moki’s Metro Shelving, and attach to the Pismo. Voila. Music. The Pismo cuts out a lot, something with the sound board. Not working just now. But the system runs off the 3rd Gen iPod just as well. The reason I went to Best Buy the following day is that I thought I could get a better 3.5mm cable for a connection, but the one I had is fine, as is the one with the RCA plugs.

Impetus for setting up this mini amp system was that I’d seen a YouTube video about how to hook one up, and I’d just managed to move the Metro Shelving to where it belongs. For years Moki had it squeezed beside the leather sofa, with the sofa and Parsons table making most of two 24″ red bookcases inaccessible, particularly when we had the bicycles parked over there.

The melamine desk top and Natalie Wood are between the Metro Shelving and the wall, as pictured.

Terrible headache most of yesterday (Sunday). Didn’t run, didn’t go to Mass. I’d drunk a pint of vodka the night before. A bottle of Yellowtail cabernet the night before. Now, just the Resin beer. Two cans. Maybe a 3rd. I’ve been known to have two 20oz cans, perhaps I’ll move on to a 3rd 12oz. I think I hear a headache erupting behind the left ear.

K. Brown has dropped out of TwiXer and is posting more on her blog. Wonderful takeout on L. Conway, dead last week, whose sexual obsession and predation seem to resemble Anne Lawrence’s. When we had the Friends list back in 1998, and joined briefly, she early on treated us to a series of photographs in which she does a strip-tease out of a demure blue-patterned square-neck dress and shows off her quim.

Same dress as in the 1998 strip-tease, but this is 2000 after her Ousterhout makeover.

Those are archived with someone, no doubt, but I certainly didn’t save them, and the only one of the series I’ve seen around is the first, with her fully clothed. Or maybe it’s a later photo, same dress.