Wracking My Brain for Rosie E.

Wracked my brain for most of the past day trying to remember when we met Rosie-in-the-green-cape for lunch, and what the weird eatery was. I was sure it was between 2008 and 2010, but it turns out to have been mid-February 2005, a few weeks before I was in Paris and right after I went with K and S to see The Gates in Central Park.

How fleeting memory is.

Rosie was very fond of the Chelsea Market (here in NYC) where I’d never been. We ate a few blocks away at a place calling itself the Bright Food Shop. Exactly the sort of place where a rare overseas visitor might wish to meet you; she fancied it a bit of local color, I suppose. She was apparently a friend of Michael’s London acquaintances with the odd clock shop. We haven’t heard from them, or Rosie, ever since.

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