No Dead Poets’ Society Dinner

A week ago GJ proposed a dinner for a recently deceased dead poet. After a few days he hadn’t located a venue, so asked me to look around. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday making phone calls and visits. Dropped in on some excellent little bar/restaurants in Chelsea and the East Village on Wednesday, and rather enjoyed myself.

We saw a Paul Cadmus exhibition.

But I came up snake-eyes because every venue with an event room was already booked. Saturday night (that is, tonight) is a big March Madness playoff-fest. I had no idea of this, neither did Greg. Neither did my husband.

So I told Greg and, sounding disconsolate, he told me he was calling the whole thing off because there weren’t that many respondents.

During the day I dropped in at the Zwirner Gallery on W 19th and saw the Paul Cadmus and Robert Crumb shows. Will have to write something about those.


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